Bioplastic Cookbook



Graphic Communications
[collaborative project][material exploration][graphic communications]
[schematic design]
Rhino, woodshop machinery...

Inspired by Donald Judd’s 100 Untitled Works in Mill Aluminum, Sol Lewitt’s Variations of Incomplete Open Cubes, Eva Hesse’s Accession Series... we were prompted to make schematic designs for three 12”x12” cubes, build the cubes, and make an instruction book on how to build the cubes.
My partner and I chose to make bioplastic for our cubes.

Our bioplastic cookbook, with instructions to make molds for and cook three 12”x12” bioplastic cubes, including one agar-based bioplastic cube, one corn starch-based bioplastic cube and one glycerol based bioplastic cube.

Violet Han @2023