Body Limbs
Vending Machine


SciFi Prototype
[SciFi][Design Fiction]
Rhino, Keyshot, Adobe XD

In an imaginary future, 99% of the human population have become cyborgs with artificial body parts.
Getting a new body part for yourself is as easy as getting a coke from a vending machine in year 2019, or ordering takeout from a delivery App.

(note: embedded Vimeo videos not accessible when viewing in China)

The Vending Machine App Concept Draft

The App stores and detects your body info. It allows you to closely monitor your body parts.You can check what parts of your body the App recommends for a replacement at any time.

Getting the replacement is equally easy! The App suggests limbs that fits your body. You can choose from its recommendations or DIY for yourself.

And of course, your order will be delivered by a delivery drone.

The Vending Machine Concept Draft

Try the Body Limbs Vending Machine! It’s somewhere in that void. It is equally simple to use as a vending machine that sells soda in year 2019. We provide all kinds of limbs, all shapes and materials. Get a new limb for yourself in no time, anywhere.

Taking the project further

I plan to create a full VR prototype in Unity in February 2021.

Yinuo Han @2021