We play a group of long-admired “high-art” pieces.
But you might notice, we are exhibtied outdoors, instead of a white cube gallery.
Don’t be afraid. Come closer to us, and you will see some of our features are recycled paper and cardboard,
you will see we are not perfectly still -though we try our best to be, we have to breathe and occasionally tremble.
Maybe you will start to take pictures of us or with us,
As we stand here for hours being shown, we can’t help to think about the long hours our creators devoted into creating us...
Wait, did you spot the cameras!?
Each of us carries a hidden camera somewhere, we are the silent observers.
What is the theme of this exhibition, you may ask.
There may be a theme, there may not be a theme, or there may be several themes,
-for we are just artworks in an exhibition.

Yinuo Han @2021