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Hi! I’m Violet.

I am currently a master’s student at Carnegie Mellon University’s Master of Science in Computational Design program. It is a research-based interdisciplinary program intersecting human-computer interaction, computer science, and design.

Previously, I graduated from University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2020,
studying art and design.

In my senior year, I began to see how creativity and technology could be combined to create for the near future.

More specifically, in my senior year...

I was inspired by SciFi novels such as Snow Crash (the birth of the fictional metaverse!) to design futuristic interactions . AR/VR technologies already have prolonged histories, I believe it is the designed interactions that could make them more interesting. I am also excited about designing tangible interactions that could liberate us from flat screens everywhere.

A higher layer “neuron”’s receptive field in a CNN network

I was in a class about the human brain and was intrigued by the human brain to make an art installation. 
Presently, I continue to pursue this interest by taking courses such as computational perceptionneural computation, and brain-computer interface, hoping to design a brain-computer interface related project for my upcoming research project at Carnegie Mellon.

I saw strugglings in the COVID-19 pandemic and wanted to use design to create better experiences for everyone. Such as creating more empathy in the food delivery process, and creating an smoother dining experience for the visually imapaired.

After graduation and during COVID-19 quarantine months in Ann Arbor, I started taking computer science courses virtually, and revisited some of my undergraduate projects, such as Aero.

After I went back to China, I interned at an autonomous-vehicle startup designing interactions for an autonomous delivery vehicle.

I also worked at OnePlus as a System Experience Design Intern, working in agile with engineers and PMs to maintain and update OnePlus’ Oxygen OS.

Outside of design and programming work, I enjoy cooking, many kinds of sports, and traveling. 

Yinuo Han @2021